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We have treated many children with autism and have seen effective results in the reduction in symptom severity, and improvements in behavior, eye contact, mood, social interaction, and language. In addition, we have also seen a decrease of symptoms in TBI, PTSD, and Depression cases. Patients have reported an improvement in sleep and mental clarity, as well as higher energy levels. Below is an overview of our typical process and treatment.  


The brain is a very unique organ; therefore, every patient responds a little differently. We have found that in our assessment period, we are able to determine whether or not the patient would be a candidate for MeRT treatment, which is a personalized and targeted approach to non-invasive brain stimulation. Our TMS device that we use has been FDA-cleared for depression, but we use it off-label for other diagnoses as mentioned above.

The MeRT treatment process begins with an initial clinical evaluation with one of our clinicians and an Electroencephalogram (EEG) which is used to evaluate brain activity and enables us to develop a personalized protocol for the individual. Once the protocol is created, you will return to the clinic for the first MeRT treatment. The MeRT treatment is generally 30-35 minutes in duration, and runs daily Monday-Friday. Another EEG is taken after the 2 weeks of treatments and is followed by another clinical evaluation to assess whether the patients response to the treatment. The comparison between the initial EEG and the final EEG and the clinical evaluation will determine if the patient is responding.


We typically recommend a total of 6-8 weeks of MeRT treatment depending on the EEG and clinical response.

Check out a Facebook page with 2 patients who have done MeRT at our Dublin clinic


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